Rebels Pizza


1. Rock Around The Clocktomato base, ham, mushrooms, olives, capsicum, anchovies, & cheese.$9.00$15.00$19.50
2. The Twisttomato base, ham, mushrooms, olives, & cheese.$9.00$14.00$19.00
3. Shake, Rattle, & Rollbarbecue base, chicken, prawns, & cheese.$9.50$15.00$19.50
4. Rockin' Robintomato base, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, onions, & cheese.$9.00$14.50$19.00
5. Hangin' Fivetomato base, bacon, pepperoni, capsicum, onions, herbs, garlic, chilli, & cheese.$9.00$15.00$19.50
6. Don't Be Crueltomato base, ham, pepperoni, bacon, chicken, & cheese.$9.50$15.00$19.50
7. Rising Suntomato base, ham, bacon, eggs, & cheese.$9.00$14.00$19.00
8. Surrendertomato base, pepperoni, capsicum, onions, chilli, & cheese.$9.00$15.00$19.00
9. Peggy Suetomato base, mushrooms, capsicum, onions, olives, & cheese.$9.00$14.00$19.00
10. Splish Splashtomato base, ham, mushrooms, pineapple, prawns, & cheese.$9.00$15.00$19.00
11. Wild Thingtomato base, ham, pepperoni, chilli, & cheese.$9.00$14.00$19.00
12. Love Me Tendertomato base, ham, pineapple, & cheese.$9.00$14.00$19.00
13. All Shook Uptomato base, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, onions, olives, anchovies, garlic, & cheese.$9.90$15.00$19.90
14. Treat Me Nicetomato base, mixed seafood, anchovies, garlic, & cheese.$9.90$16.00$19.90
15. Cadillac Delighttomato base, ham, bacon, mushrooms, capsicum, onions, pineapple, olives, & cheese.$9.90$16.00$19.90
16. You're Sixteentomato base, bacon, large prawns, onions, garlic, & cheese.$11.90$18.00$21.90
17. Mary Janetomato base, herbs, & double cheese.$9.00$14.00$18.00
Extrasham, chicken, bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, capsicum, onions, or pineapple.80ยข$1.20$1.60
Extrasprawns, anchovies, or mixed seafood.$1.00$1.60$2.00
Extraslarge prawns.$3.00$4.00$5.00


Spareribspork spareribs marinated & roasted in our tasty barbecue sauce.$12.90$22.90$31.90
Dipping Saucesa tub of barbecue, sweet chilli, or plum sauce.$1.50


Foccaciaolive oil, herbs, & garlic.$7.50$11.50$15.50
Garlic Pizzatomato base, garlic, & cheese.$8.50$13.50$16.50
Garlic Breadgarlic bread in foil.$3.80


Vegetarianseasonal vegetables, herbs, napolitana sauce.$11.00
Carbonarabacon, garlic, white wine, eggs, & cream.$11.00
Matricianabacon, onions, capsicum, garlic, chilli, napolitana sauce.$11.00
Bolognesetraditional bolognese sauce.$11.00
Alla Pannabacon, mushrooms, garlic, herbs, white wine, & cream.$11.00
Napolitanatraditional napolitana sauce.$11.00
Lasagnetraditional bolognese sauce.$12.00
Marinaramixed seafood, garlic, napolitana sauce.$12.00


Garden Saladcucumber, tomato, red onion, tossed in a bed of lettuce.$7.50
Italian Saladseasonal vegetables tossed in a balsamic dressing.$7.50


Italian Ice Creamscassatta, tartufo, or mocca.$6.50
Cheesecakesfrench vanilla, strawberry, or blueberry.$6.50
Rebels Gelatichocolate, strawberry, or lemon.$6.50


Soft Drinkscoke, coke zero, diet coke, fanta, lemonade, & squash.$2.90$4.90
Alsoflavoured mineral waters, & fruit juices.$3.60


NameDescriptionPick Up*Delivered*
Large Speciala large pizza, a garlic bread, & a 1.25L coke.$19.50$23.50
Reb's Special2 large pizzas, a garlic bread, & a 1.25L coke.$30.90$34.90
Double Pasta2 main pastas, a large pizza, & a garlic bread.$33.90$37.90
Double Large2 large pizzas.$25.90$30.90
Double Family2 family pizzas.$33.90$37.90
Triple Large3 large pizzas.$35.50$39.50
Triple Family3 family pizzas.$47.90$51.90
Quadruple Large4 large pizzas.$45.50$49.90
Multiple Large5+ large pizzas, each pizza.$10.90$11.90

Menu Info

  • Seafood is extra on specials.
  • Extra toppings will be charged for.
  • Minimum delivery is $18.00.
  • EFTPOS is not available for delivery.
  • A delivery fee applies to distant suburbs.
  • Menu prices are subject to change.

Delivery Area

  • We Deliver To:
    • Albury
    • Corrys Wood
    • Doctor's Point
    • East Albury
    • Fairway Gardens
    • Glenroy
    • Hamilton Valley
    • Huntingdale
    • Kensington Gardens
    • Lavington
    • Mitchell Park
    • Norris Park
    • North Albury
    • South Albury
    • Springdale Heights
    • St. Hilaire
    • St. Johns Green
    • St. Johns Hill
    • The Elms
    • Thurgoona
    • West Albury
    • Woolshed Estate
  • We Don't Deliver To:
    • Ettamogah
    • Ettamogah Rise
    • Somerset Rise
    • Splitters Creek
    • Spring Park
    • Thurgoona Park
    • Wirilinga
    • Wodonga
    • Yarrabee Park
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